Philip Stevenson

"I met Phillip Stevenson at Kingsway Studio in the French Quarter.  We cut some tracks.  It was my first experience with the open, no- room approach.  It was a life- changer for me, for Phillip not so much.  We have kept in touch over the years, swapping music and arcane audio information.  I have listened to hundreds of his song demos.  They are among my favorites.  Sometimes dark as the night of the soul, sometimes airy, more light than soft and smooth.  I like the crazy stuff.  He is the unqualified master of the Gates Level Devil.  Like Sherlock Holmes, he mysteriously disappears for long periods of passing time, re-emerging with familiar but always new musical portraits from the gone world.

His songs make me want to dress in black, smoke picayune shorts, and drink Irish whiskey.  They leave you with a strange faith in the immediate future and respect for the past, even your own.

Some day the darkness will swallow him completely.  Until then consider yourself lucky to have this music in your hands.  Put it in your mind.  You will be richer for the experience." -Jim Dickinson

"The Finest Record of 2017"- Stereo Embers
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